xrd.me (occasionally) hosts multiple Minecraft servers which is viewable in the navigation bar above where you can view the online status of each and which Minecraft version you would like to visit.

Our community is glad to have around a server that allows a free build environment without the hassle. We accept players who intend to build new creations in an environment with less player stress. Communicate with us on discord! discordmc.xrd.me

We play in a survival environment but without mob griefing. However that doesn’t mean you may relax! Mobs are set to the hard difficulty and will do extensive amounts of damage to your soul so beware… Otherwise enjoy your time on the server!

Each server runs with a few plugins to stop griefing and to allow players to get around the map. Many buildings including all of the spawn area are world protected. Everything is hosted on a dedicated server to ensure the greatest latency.

For your convenience, server maps are made available to help you further navigate the world. Click the Server Map link in the sub navigation to view the map of a specific world.


We follow very basic rules because common sense should take you far but please obey:

1. An Admin’s word is final.

2. Respect all players and their creations. PVP is allowed!

3. Do not steal from chests or buildings. Remember to lock up your valuables!

4. Grief is an immediate ban so don’t do it.

5. Watch your foxin swear words; don’t be excessive.

6. Lava and tnt is banned; however you may ask a mod to place lava for you

7. Do not bug admins/mods for any special permissions or items.

8. Work with the landscape. Don’t move entire hills.

9. Don’t leave holes in the ground or tree tops. Always finish your projects or cover them up.

10. Spawn withers in a cage of some sort (They won’t explode it).



  • XRay_Dog (Owner)


  • Orrin_Fox
  • Andromida2
  • Naughty_Platypus

First Time Joining?

There are free build areas (Via /warp) you can go to or just wander far enough from spawn. In addition, everything you do is sent to a discord channel meaning players can communicate with other players without even joining the server. If you wish to privately talk to someone, use /msg (nickname) followed by your message. Remember you can use /help and review the /rules. You don’t lose XP points when you die and mobs won’t damage the world. Lava is banned and so is tnt. You can ask for lava from a mod if you need any and fire spread is off as well. You can /sethome to 8 locations but remember to name each one as you do to enable multihome.