Welcome to my shenanigans!

XRD stands for X-Ray Dog. I currently help run some Minecraft servers as well as AssaultCube services. Roam the navigation bar for one of these games and see if anything interests you!

I generally prefer my own hosting solutions. Those two games are my primary focus but being a server administrator as a hobby is actually a lot of fun. Sitting on a bash terminal for hours trying to work out whatever fire is roaming is not generally relaxing to most, but I enjoy the learning experiences. I operate between several dedicated servers, one in a professional data center, and the others for a home lab.

Our Minecraft server has been around since 2013 and has bounced between home hosting and professional hosting. Primarily a server for local friends, we are available for anyone to join! Originally started on version 1.6, the world was reset and has since remained from version 1.7 so some of the map contains many older chunks. For the 1.14 update, the main spawn base was moved to generate the new blocks without having to wonder out far from old spawn.

I’ve been around the game AssaultCube since 2010. I was hooked into the game via some friends and I became obsessed. Vising the forum every hour was a must and creating the cringiest posts was a necessity apparently. After some growing up time, I did eventually begin to contribute to the game primarily through editing of the wiki. Eventually I gained a little more trust amongst the community by constantly bugging Jamz, one of the admins. Some years later, the game was struggling to stay online after malicious web attacks but I was determined that this game will not go away. I honestly can’t explain my obsession but as of today, I have taken over hosting the main website for the game and services. I also continue to host game servers within so we always have a place to go.