My AC servers are hosted from Montreal, Canada and are live 24/7 except when stated otherwise. Get individual server information by clicking on a server name. To download a demo from one of the listed servers, click the server name and then click the view demos button at the top of the page. Demos are downloadable as soon as the game saves the demo… so instantly available. Demos are stored for a minimum of 1 month and generally no longer than 2 months.

Blacklists and Whitelists

All of these AssaultCube servers use the blacklist and whitelist files from |AoX| clan’s blacklist.

TeamSpeak/Discord is no longer hosting a Teamspeak server. Please join the AssaultCube Discord server instead!

Admin area

This is the information/guide page for server admins. If you are a server admin on any AssaultCube server hosted from, please read this page carefully.

There are some general rules that apply to all servers. Never clear out a server for your own personal use. Never share your passwords with anyone and knowing if you did will be the easy part. Please also do not fight or take admin from any other already claimed admin. Never admin connect to any server as you risk kicking someone from in game. As well, don’t pass admin to someone and leave because you will still be held responsible for that person whether they know the rules or not. Please also know that you shouldn’t kick players for personal reasons but for something valid such as team killing, being afk or extremities such as cheating or excessive language. Holding admin isn’t exactly illegal but if you are doing it just to have a red name, then stop. Do not enforce your own game mode such as knife only or gema. There are also more server specific rules listed below.

Hyperblast – Please do not:

  • 1. Change gameplay time to the extreme (aka more than an hour)
  • 2. Mastermode or lock the server
  • 3. Shuffleteam or team fix

Mutsketeer / FireBird / Outside – Please do not:

  • 1. End a match before teams are done playing