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No longer in service, thank you for the fun games!

Connect to this server via /connect 3000

Modified LUA server nicknamed zombie mod

This server brings a new game mode to AssaultCube and all you have to do is connect with any ordinary client! Upon joining as the first player, the server will act as a normal server. Typing a period “.” will activate the mod. You do not play against bots so you need other players! The server will auto assign a weapon to you based on how many kills you currently have on the server. Your gun rank increases on a gun ladder:

Gun ladder = Shotgun; Carbine; SMG; Assault Rifle; Sniper (Every 15 kills)

How to play + Rules

CLA are zombies and spawn with only a knife and 492hp. Three zombies start each round max. RVSF are humans and spawn with a gun based on frags they have with 1hp. As you get more kills, you get a better weapon decided by the server. Occasionally humans get a free grenade as a player, not as a team. When someone dies, they are forced to the enemy team to fight. Once one team has every player, you score a point and restart. Teams are random each new round for fair play but never more than 3 zombies. Don’t worry about team killing but do act as a team to win! Special weapon at 85 frags; chose your knife over it and be punished!


  • Slots: 16
  • Mastermode: Public
  • MS Registration: No
  • Logging: Yes


  • X-Ray_Dog