What is an IRC Bouncer?

By X-Ray_Dog

An IRC Bouncer is an application that is hosted on a computer in which it keeps your connection to IRC. How it all works is that a computer will connect a client to IRC and when you want to connect to IRC, instead you use your IRC client to connect to the computer hosting your account in which you then see IRC. This way you can disconnect from the server computer while the server computer keeps you in IRC. This also comes with some cool features:

  • Logging chat while disconnected
  • Auto Away
  • Multiple client connections under one name
  • Internal IRC Network
  • Channel settings auto-update
  • And so much more

The specific features listed above is all of some that I offer to my users. However the accounts are limited to GameSurge users only at this time. If you have an active account with the bouncer service and would like to administrate it, click the “Log In” button in the navigation bar.

Getting an account

Accounts must be created by bouncer admins for users to login with. There is no automated registration. To get an account, I (X-Ray_Dog) request that I have a good friendship to the user asking for the account. Another requirement I ask is that the user must idle in my IRC channel #XRD. Reason being is it helps me a lot to keep track of successfully connected clients. If you are still interested in getting an account, join IRC and shoot me a /msg.