This is no longer a regularly updated project

Authscript is a Visual Basic script built for the Icechat7 IRC client designed to monitor your IRC channel (Network monitoring could be achieved but is not built in). The script is open source and recommends that users customize for whatever they want but alone, the script will run flawlessly when the requirements are met. Some features of this script are Half-Op given with this script as the Moderator user level, offline messaging or the ability to send messages to your channel users even if they are not on the network meaning they will be able to get them securely when they rejoin, spam feature which will monitor your channel and kick spammers from your channel which is fully customizable, op checker and reverser for those that aren’t supposed to mess with other users in your channel, every command works via Private Message (PM) for secure channel changes, and so many more features! This script alone has over 50 built in commands in which many of those commands can take arguments allowing you to customize your channel to its full potential. This script also takes measures of making sure that spammers cannot flood your bot out of the network readily. Now this script is cool enough for your channel, but it can also be run across multiple channels from one bot! All channels keep their separate settings and users and information will never be mixed up. One thing you will notice is that users must register with the bot before they can use it. This is completed in one command and one step just so you can better keep track of your users and alter their permissions. One thing though, if you decide to use this script, it is strongly recommended that you not use any other bot user list for opping or voicing users as this script will run its own user list (For permanent 24/7 bots).

The Manual link in the navigation bar will always open the most up to date manual for Authscript.


  • Title: AuthScript
  • Version: Beta
  • Language: Visual Basic
  • IRC Client: Icechat 7
  • Windows XP or later

Quick Install Guide

All channel information is saved into your default Icechat scripts save folder and is named after your channel to a .txt file. For DCC functions: Direct your upload folder to your default scripts folder! To install: Copy this script and save into your Icechat editor as “” without the quotes. If you name it anything else, certain DCC functionality may not work. With you and your bot joined to a channel, type “/msg -botname- #channel &Pass -pass- (Pick an override password to use replacing -pass- in the command). If you have problems, please consult the Manual for detailed setup instructions.